Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning: The Powerful Impact on Digital Marketing

I am often faced with questions about the impact of technology on Nigeria’s webspace.

What it holds for us and how we can adapt to the rapid changes.

Though I am not in support of trying to predict (worrying about) the future.  Yet, I encourage you to prepare for it.

So today, I will talk more about Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML).

I will be answering a few questions, such as:

  • What role do AI and ML have to play in digital marketing in Nigeria?
  • Should you pay attention to it?
  • How do you stay prepared for it?

And many more…

Can I assume you know that AI and ML are making a huge impact on digital marketing in Nigeria like never before?

And so this call for changes in the way you as an entrepreneur promote your business.

Here are some few amazing global facts about artificial intelligence and machine learning

  • The global AI market is expected to reach a revenue of $118.6 billion by 2025. (Leftronic)
  • 40% of Marketing and Sales teams say data science encompassing AI and ML is critical to their success as a department. (Forbes)
  • Gartner Survey Shows 37% of Organizations Have Implemented AI in Some Form (Gartner) and many more…

As you must have known before now, you must expect what you don’t expect. You must hold a glimpse of the future.

Change is constant you have heard. It cannot be truer than that.

“This is how we do things” will ruin your business. Change is constant, I repeat.

I am saying this because a common belief among business owners is to think they know. The belief they have arrived.

You don’t want the fall of your business to be the next News headlines. Digital marketing is evolving. It’s becoming more than building a website.

More papers are been published on AI. More students enrolling in ML courses.

Artificial intelligence machine learning



I encourage you to read more about counterfactual simulation. It’s a way of thinking that prepares you for the next available possibilities.

AI and ML are changing the game.

Wake up o ye business owner. Arise for thy light is come.

So you can continue with me if:

  • You need a quick understanding of AI and ML
  • You want to know how AI and ML affect your website ranking on Google.
  • You want to be 10X ahead of other digital marketers since most are sleeping now.
  • You want to cut costs and maximize profit from advertising.
  • You want to be ready for the future of the internet marketing industry.

So let’s begin


What is Artificial Intelligence? And Types

In simple definition…

Artificial intelligence (AI) is the design of machines so they behave as real humans will do. These machines are capable of making decisions in any context as if it was you and me.

We have four types of AI. They are;

  • Reactive Machines,
  • Limited Memory,
  • Theory of Mind, and
  • Self – Awareness

AI can carry out a specific task. This is what you see in self-driving cars like Tesla, google cars, and more.

They know the number of cars in the front. They know when to wait for the traffic light and many more.

In Video games, your players emulate the players in real life. So if you score with Messi, your player will jubilate as though it was Messi

AI is also seen in chatbots and email autoresponders.

One great example, I will want to draw your attention to is Google Deepmind. It uses general algorithms to understand large data of intellects.

DeepMind has the ability to think for itself using the “convolutional neural network”. It studies behavior and asks and acts as expected in every context.

You can read more about Artificial Intelligence on Investopedia


What is Machine Learning?

Machine Learning (ML) is the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to help machines learn best. It provides machines with the capacity to improve based on previous data.

Types of machine learning

  • Supervised Learning
  • Unsupervised Learning
  • Reinforcement Learning

Machine Learning lives on existing data. That’s it requires a large amount of repetitive data to work.  AI is knowledge. ML is wisdom.

A good example is this…

Remember there was a time you posted a group picture of you and others on Facebook. Do you notice Facebook marked your faces in a square box? Facebook went further to suggest your friends’ names even when you never did.

Also, whenever an image fails to load. You might see text trying to describe what the picture contains. Note: This is different from alt tags.

But how was that possible…  That’s machine learning.

The machine learning algorithm will look for similarities to predict your future needs. So, anytime Facebook notifies you of a friend that uploaded a picture containing you.

Understand it’s ML at work.

With the little, you have learned. I have a question for you.

ai and ml


I want you to answer this question in the comment section. Let’s have a chat…


Google As An Artificial Intelligence Company

In 2018, Google made it known that it is now an AI-First Company  So what does it mean to an AI-First company?

Take a look at this example

Dangote went public producing cement. Years after, he makes almost everything – salts, sugar, noodles and more

Before, Dangote was a cement-first company. Now, I don’t even know what it’s.

Back to Google…

The first product Google made was a search engine. Googles was first a search company. i.e search was her major priority.

Google’s search engine then did not work much like AI. Instead, it tries to match what you searched for with blog content.

This was possible with the use of Google Spiders. They read content and assume it will be good for your search.

Marketers began to abuse this method by stuffing their content with keywords.

Things went bad…Much low-quality content ranking higher. Ranking became more of the content with the highest amount of keywords.

Now Google being an AI company, things turned around.

I now introduce to you…


As I have said earlier, Google no longer attempts to match your keywords with site content. Instead, it tries to answer your questions by showing you relevant answers.

This is possible with the use of machine learning. It operates on natural language processing.

If you search for what Google has not seen before, RankBrain would imagine:

  • What the word(s) could mean?
  • What context are you using it?
  • What previous search does it have?

Then RankBrain will try to group words that are similar in meaning.

Doing these, it could tell what you are looking for and provide the relevant suggestions.

RankBrain also has the ability to filter stop words. Stop words are common everyday words such as “the”, “to”, “and”, etc.

When search results show up. RankBrain would observe which contents have the highest Click-Through Rate (CTR).

CTR is the number of times you clicked on content in comparison with the number of times you saw it.

RankBrain goes further to track your experience on the site. Do you read the content to the end? How long did you stay on the site? and more

All of these have helped Google to do away with low-quality content.

Google wants you to provide quality content. It wants you to write as you talk. It wants everything natural.

You don’t need to know everything about RankBrain – the AI or ML

You only need to be more natural and effective than ever when producing content.


What is Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI)

Latent Semantic Indexing is a method for identifying patterns and connections between text.

It uses the singular value decomposition in Mathematics to do this.

LSI is a crucial factor if you want to rank high on Google.

As I have explained in my previous teaching, SEO is one of the lifelines of digital marketing.

It’s a must if you want more persons on your websites.

Rather than matching keywords, Google now looks at the subject of the content. It does this searching for similar words.

That gives it the ability to understand what your content is about.

Let me use this example so you understand better.

If I have written a blog post about RankBrain before.

In the past, Google may show up my post to someone searching for information about the human brain.

Meanwhile, RankBrain is not the same as the human brain

So how do you optimize your website for LSI?

If I tell you, “do this”. I am only lying. Don’t let anyone deceive you into believing some techniques will work out. No! It doesn’t.

All you need to do is to produce good content for your readers.

Also, you should use synonyms and more than one keyword in your content.


Structured Data and Examples

Structured data refers to any data that arrange in an organized way. It is easy for search engines to understand your data.

It is also known as schema markups or rich data.

Examples of structured data are names, numbers, dates, addresses, and more.

If I search for digital marketing tools, I will likely see a list as shown in this image.


Schema markup is to help Google understand how each paragraph works. I encourage you to structure your content so you are not left behind.


What is Big Data?

I will use this section to explain Big Data in brief and how it benefits your digital marketing.

So, what is big data?

In simple words, I define big data as a large number of data sets.

This data could be phone numbers of voters in Abuja. Or the gender of people living in Lagos. That is data.

When I mean big data, it’s not as huge as you think.

If you have a thousand persons visiting your site a day, that’s enough to call big data.

And that’s because your website will record more than number of visits. Included are; Location, Browser, Operating systems, Pages visited and more

Big brands (Jumia, Konga) use big data.

When you search on Jumia, it tends to show you your previous searches.

You can use big data to display ads to the right audience. You know what people want and you serve them with it.

If I search for shoes on Google, the next time I log on Facebook, I will see ads on shoes.

That’s big data made possible via retargeting.

So the use of autoresponders and email box is essential to gather data for your business.

You can get them by requesting their emails in exchange for your freebies.


Computer Vision

In case you don’t know, I am glad to inform you that…

Google now pays attention to the images on your website as it does with text.

You must have heard of Google images where you can upload an image to search for similar images.

That is made possible through machine learning.

Have you heard of Optical Character Recognition OCR?

If you have, great. If you haven’t; I will explain.

OCR is the ability to read text from an image.

This means Google can read your images as much as it can with text. Close to this was the facial recognition I explained earlier.

Don’t go to Google or images websites to pick photos.

Make use of relevant and unique images.

Design yours. It helps more.

When you upload your images, add alt tags. Alt tags explain to Google what your images represent.

Above all, make sure you use high-quality images.



Have you noticed chatbots are becoming popular among online businesses? That’s a great one.

Chatbots are mini AI that gives automated replies to visitors. They are a great support for customer service.

Most site owners place chatbots at the right bottom part of their websites.

Yes, it can get a lot of details from users without the impression of filling a form.

Facebook Chatbots are another tool you should consider. More than 1.2 billion people now use Facebook messenger.

You can add this chatbot to your websites. It makes communication easy for your audience.

Imagine if I could request for shoes on your website by sending a Facebook message. Wouldn’t that make business easy for you?

What if clients could seek your services without ever needing to speak with you in person?

Those are a few advantages of using chatbots.



I wrote this piece to explain how Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning are impacting digital marketing.

What do you need to do as a business owner?

  • Use latent semantic indexing in your content
  • Provide high-quality content
  • Use good English and be natural about it
  • Ask questions in your writings.
  • Place your readers first.
  • Do away with low-quality irrelevant stock images.

You now know what to do now. So, go ahead and do it.

But if you are still confused, please ask your question using the comment box below. I will be glad to answer.

Now your turn…

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